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94th Victoria Regiment "Argyll Highlanders"

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Photos and Photo Postcards - Pre First World War

  • Photos - Three photos showing groups of 94th Regiment soldiers during militia summer camp, circa early 1900's.

  • Photos - Two photos of the 94th Regiment Band circa 1910-1911.

  • Photo - One photo of a piper from the 94th Regiment, circa early 1910's.

  • Photo - One photo showing a group of 94th Regiment soldiers during militia summer camp, circa early 1900's.

  • Photo - One studio portrait photo of an unidentified militia soldier of the 94th Regiment, circa early 1900's.

  • Photo - One photocopy of a photo showing "B" Company of the 94th Regiment at Aldershot, NS, September, 1910.

Photos and Photo Postcards - First World War

  • Photo - One photo showing a goup of officers of the 94th Victoria Regiment "Argyll Highlanders" circa First World War.

  • Photos - Two photos showing soldiers from the 94th Regiment at the Marconi wireless station near Louisbourg, NS, circa 1914-1915. 

  • Photo  (Photocopy)  - One studio portrait photo (photocopy) of a soldier from the 94th Victoria Regiment "Argyll Highlanders", circa First World War.

  • Photo Postcards  - Two photo postcards of two unidentified pairs of 94th Regiment soldiers, circa 1914-1918.

  • Postcard - One First World War era patriotic postcard addressed to Capt. William George McRae of the 94th Regiment, postmarked October 6, 1914.

  • Photo Postcard - One photo postcard of two officer pipers of the 94th Regiment, circa 1916-1918.

  • Photos (Photocopies) - Two photos (photocopies) of unidentified 94th Regiment pipers, circa First World War.

  • Photo - One photo of three 94th Regiment soldiers with civilians and an animal, circa First World War.





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