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185th Battalion (Cape Breton Highlanders) CEF


Photos and Postcards - WW1 - Canada - 1916



This section contains one group photo of the 185th Battalion staff sergeants and sergeants taken at Aldershot, NS before the battalion went overseas.

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Staff Sergeants and Sergeants

185th Battalion (Cape Breton Highlanders)

Aldershot, NS


Front Row, Left to Right:
1.  Armourer Sgt. G.P. Hull
2.  Sgt. Ed Ward, "B" Company
3.  Sgt. S. McAulay, "B" Comapny
4.  Sgt. W.E. Payn, "C" Company
5.  CQMS A.T. Fraser, "D" Company
6.  CQMS G.J. Brennan, "C" Company
7.  QMS D. McSweeney, Med.
8.  Sgt. M.F. McLeod, "A" Company
9.  Sgt. L. Bagnell, "D" Company

2nd Row, Sitting, Left to Right:
1.  CQMS H.W. Graham, "A" Company
2.  CQMS A. Rowley, "B" Company
3.  CSM M.L. McLean, "A" Company
4.  CSM J. Kellock, "D" Company
5.  CSM J.A. McDonald, "C" Company
6.  Battalion Sgt. Major J. Mackness
7.  Lt-Col. F.P. Day (commanding officer)
8.  Battalion QMS B.H.H. Brinkman
9.  ORQMS H.P. McKinnon, Staff
10.  Pinoneer Sgt. N. McLean
11.  Band Sgt. W. Williams
12.  Signals Sgt. G. McDonald

3rd Row, Standing, Left to Right:
1.  Sgt. Shoe Maker C.H. Webber, "B" Company
2.  Sgt. W.R. Seurr, "A" Company
3.  Sgt. R.J. McDougall, "A" Company
4.  Sgt. A.J. Rowe, "A" Company
5.  Sgt. A. McPhee, "D" Company
6.  Sgt. W. Borden, Medical Staff
7.  Sgt. R. H. McKenzie, "D" Company
8.  Sgt. W. Wynn, "B" Company
9.  Sgt. T. Tysall, "D" Company
10.  Sgt. R.B. Fullerton, "D" Company
11.  Sgt. J. Cavers, "A" Company
12.  Sgt. E.W. Mosley, "D" Company

4th Row, Back Row, Left to Right:
1.  Pipe Sgt. A. Bowes
2.  Sgt. Cook J. Hayes
3.  Sgt. Ayerst, "B" Company
4.  Sgt. D.A. McVicar, "B" Company
5.  Sgt. J.C. McDonald, "A" Company
6.  Sgt. Buglar H. Higgins, "D" Company
7.  Sgt. Tailor G.W. Merlin, "B" Company
8.  Sgt. P. Sodero, "C" Company
9.  Sgt. J.W. Miles, "C" Company
10.  Sgt. M. McDonald, "C" Company
11.  Sgt. N. McLean, "C" Company
12.  Sgt. H.G. McNeil, "B" Company
13.  Sgt. A.J. McIsaac, "A" Company

The names and ranks above are as printed below the original photo.

Photographer:  MacLaughlan, Halifax, NS
Ref. Number:  0-1 (3-2-3.3)
Image Information: Scan of original photo
Source:  Cape Breton Highlanders Museum, Sydney, NS, 2011 

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