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Merv Stagg

Short Biography:

Merv Stagg was from North Sydney, NS, and served in the Cape Breton Highlanders during World War Two. He became the battalion bugler. For many years after the war, Merv played the last post for veterans at the Branch #19 Legion in North Sydney and at all Cape Breton Highlanders reunions. He formed Stagg Taxi in 1948 and was later a councillor for the town of North Sydney. He passed away in 2009.

Notes on the Collection:

The photo contained in section 1 was given to me by Merv Stagg in the 1990's. I had met Merv at a Cape Breton Highlanders reunion in Sydney where I had been invited to set up several tables of photos and military memorabilia. After the reunion, Merv made a special trip from North Sydney to Sydney to give me his photo so I could add the original to my collection. 

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