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Murdock Dan MacKeigan - Section 18

This section contains two photos pertaining to Murdock MacKeigan and the Cape Breton Highlanders, circa 1920's.

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Lt-Col. Murdock Dan MacKeigan

Cape Breton Highlanders

Milita Summer Camp, Baddeck, NS

September, 1921

Lt-Col. MacKeigan was the commanding officer of the Cape Breton Highlanders from May, 1921 to May, 1927. He is shown at a summer camp in Baddeck with his twin sons, Tom and Jack.

With his strong patiotism and military pride, Murdock named his twin sons after famous military men of the time. Thomas Hughes was named after Sir Sam Hughes, Canada's controversial Minister of Militia and Defence during World War One. Jack Kitchener was named after Lord Kitchener, Britain's Secretary of State for War during World War One.

Photographer:  Unknown
Ref. Number:  0-1 (4-2.2)
Image Information:  Scan of original photo
Source:  Cape Breton Highlanders Museum, Sydney, NS

Sergeant Major Nelson

Cape Breton Highlanders

Circa 1920's

Sergeant Major Nelson probably served under Murdock MacKeigan when Murdock was the commanding officer of the Cape Breton Highlanders in the 1920's.

Photographer:  Unknown
Ref. Number:  18-4 (3.2)
Image Information:  Scan of original photo
Source:  Paul MacKeigan

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