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Roderick (Rod) MacCuspey - Section 8

This section contains images of a Nazi political leader's armband brought back from overseas as a souvenir by Rod MacCuspey.

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Front View of Armband

Reverse of the Swastika

Reverse View of Armband



Nazi Political Leader's Armband

Rod MacCuspey related to his nephew, Alfred Woodworth, how he acquired the above armband. At the end of the war, German prisoners were being marched along a road in Holland. He noticed a German general sitting in a wagon while a wounded German soldier hobbled along on crutches. Rod told the general to trade places with the wounded soldier. The general refused, so Rod forced him off the wagon and gave his space to the wounded soldier. Rod stripped off the arrogant general's insignia and kept the armband as a souvenir. The armband is actually a Nazi poltical leader's armband, so the general was probably a Nazi official in uniform.

Ref. Number:  16-5 (2-2)
Image Information:  Digital photos of original artifact
Source:  Alfred Woodworth, Enfield, NS, 2016

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