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Joseph Robert (Bob) Armstrong Lyons - Section 2

This section contains one photo pertaining to Robert Lyons and the Regimental Band of the 94th Victoria Regiment "Argyll Highlanders", circa 1909-1915.

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Men From the Regimental Band

94th Victoria Regiment "Argyll Highlanders"

Circa 1909-1915

This photo is undated and was probably taken at a summer camp. Most of the men are in civilian dress. They are members of the Regimental Band of the 94th Regiment.

The men have been identified as follows:

In the front row, laying down, left to right, are Sol Green, Robert Lyons and Jack Johnston.

In the middlw row, kneeling, left to right, are Alex MacLeod and Joe Valentine.

In the back row, standing, left to right, are possibly Walter Carmichael and Robert Bamwell.

Photographer:  Unknown
Ref. Number:  18-5 (9-4.1)
Image Information:  Received as electronic file
Source:  Terry McCully Collection, Calgary, Alberta

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