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Roderick Colin Jackson - Section 9

This section contains two group photos showing officers of the 85th Battalion (Nova Scotia Highlanders) taken in France and Belgium in 1918.

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85th Battalion (Nova Scotia Highlanders)

Lozinghem, France

Circa June, 1918

In the late spring of 1918, the 85th Battalion was pulled out of the front lines for rest, refitting and training. Some of the training took place on the expansive grounds of a chateau in Lozinghem, France, where the battalion was billeted in huts for six weeks. The photo was taken on the steps of the chateau. The men had only recently been issued their kilts.

Refer to the following photo for a list of names.

Photographer:  Unknown  
Ref. Number:  0-3 (37-1-6.3)
Image Information:  Scan of original photo
Source:  Robert MacLellan Collection

To the best of my knowledge, the men in the photo are as follows:

1.   Lieut. Arthur Wyckoff Rogers, Amherst, NS
2.   Lieut. Harold L. McInnis, Pictou, NS
3.   Capt. Miles Gillespie Brown (Medical Officer), St. Stephen, NB
4.  Capt. Robert Inglis Donaldson, Nappan Station, NS
5.   Lieut. Daniel Mooney (Band Master), Stellarton, NS
6.   Lieut. Edgar Harold Small, Halifax, NS (Became Commanding Officer of the Cape Breton Highlanders in World War 2, Nov 1, 1940 to April 1, 1942)
7.   Lieut. Harold Raymond Theakston, Sydney, NS
8.   Major John MacIntosh Millar, Amherst, NS
9.   Capt. Harry Allan Love, Halifax, NS
10.   Capt. Thomas Malcolm McLean, Bridgewater, NS (Died of Wounds August 10, 1918)
11.   Capt. Edwin John Hallet, Halifax, NS
12.   Capt. Martin William McKinnon, Beaver Cove, NS (Killed in Action August 10, 1918)
13.   Lieut. James Archibald Anderson, Baddeck, NS
14.   Lt-Col. James Layton Ralston (Commanding Officer), Halifax, NS
15.   Major Ivan Steele Ralston, Amherst, NS (Killed in Action August 10, 1918)
16.   Lieut. Grover Cleveland Beazley, Hantsport, NS
17.   Lieut. Hugh Archibald Dickson, Truro, NS
18.   Capt. Roderick Douglas Graham, Halifax, NS
19.   Lieut. William Burns Ross, Middleton, NS
20.   Lieut. Alexander Daniel Archibald, Guysboro, NS
21.   Lieut. Murray Reginald Chipman, Wolfville, NS
22.   Capt. Roderick Colin Jackson, Pictou, NS
23.   Lieut. MacNeil
24.   Lieut. James A. Holland, Westville, NS (Killed in Action September 2, 1918)
25.   Believed to be the owner of the chateau (?)
26.   Lieut. Herbert Franklin Lockhart, Kentville, NS (Killed in Action August 10, 1918)
27.   Lieut. Earle Cyril Shields, Halifax, NS
28.   Lieut. Smith
29.   Lieut. Cyril Ansell Evans, Halifax, NS (Died of Wounds August 4, 1918)
30.   Hon. Capt. James Gallagher (Pay Master), Edmonton, AB
31.   Lieut. George Delmar Crowell, Sydney, NS
32.   Lieut. Percy T. Andrews, New Glasgow, NS
33.   Lieut. Aubrey Evelyn Beattie, Amherst, NS
34.   Lieut. MacDonald
35.   Lieut. Douglas Mack Lawson, Amherst, NS (Died of Wounds September 7, 1918)
36.   Hon. Capt. John Bruce Hunter (Chaplain), Toronto, ON
37.   Lieut. James Matthew Soy, New Glasgow, NS
38.   Lieut. Edgar Rand Power, Kingston, NS
39.   Lieut. John Alexander MacKinnon, Beaver Cove, NS
40.   Lieut. Clement MacLeod, Halifax, NS
41.   Lieut. Douglas Morgan Wiswell, Halifax, NS
42.   Lieut. Inkster, Brandon, MB
43.   Lieut. John D. MacKenzie, Baddeck, NS

Please note that the place names above are home addresses at the time of enlistment and not necessarily places of birth. Military ranks are ranks at the time the photo was taken in July, 1918.


85th Battalion (Nova Scotia Highlanders)

Mons, Belgium

Circa November - December, 1918

The photo was taken in Hyon, a suburb of Mons, Belgium. The battalion was billeted there from late November to mid December, 1918. The commanding officer, Lt-Col. James Layton Ralston is in the middle row, sixth from the left. Major Roderick Colin Jackson is in the middle row, third from the left.

Photographer:  Unknown  
Ref. Number:  0-3 (37-1-5.2)
Image Information:  Scan of original photo
Source:  Robert MacLellan Collection

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