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Roderick Colin Jackson - Section 17

This section contains images of Roderick Jackson's service dress jacket and kilt of the 85th Battalion (Nova Scotia Highlanders).


Officer's Service Dress Jacket and Kilt - Front View

Officer's Service Dress Jacket and Kilt - Rear View

Detail View of Major's Cuff Rank and Wound Stripes

Detail View of Formation Shoulder Patches and Epaulette

Detail of Collar Badge (Officers)

Detail of Typical Button

Officer's Service Dress Jacket and Kilt

85th Battalion (Nova Scotia Highlanders)

Circa 1918-1919

Pictured above is an officer's highland cut service dress jacket and kilt attributed to Major Roderick Jackson of the 85th Battalion (Nova Scotia Highlanders).

The jacket is made of khaki twill material and is cuff ranked to the rank of major. On the shoulders are the blue and green wool formation patches for the 85th Battalion, 4th Canadian Division. On the lower left arm sleeve above the cuff rank are two wound stripes. Present are two 85th Battalion collar badges (officers). The brass buttons are all 85th Battalion named. The Gaelic motto "Siol Na Fear Fearail" on the buttons and the collar badges translates to "The Breed of Manly Men." The medal bar on the jacket is unfortunately not complete.

The kilt is an Argyll and Sutherland pattern (Government Pattern) tartan with boxed pleats in the back. Kilts were issued to the 85th Battalion in the early summer of 1918. 

Normally the jacket and kilt would be worn with a Sam Browne leather belt and 85th Battalion sporran.  

Image Information:  Digital photo of original artifact
Source:  Robert MacLellan Collection

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