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Minerva Blanche Anderson - Section 1

This section contains two WW1 era studio portrait photos of Minerva Blanche Anderson with her brothers.

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Anderson Siblings



This is a wonderful studio portrait photo of Blanche Anderson with her brothers. Blanche is dressed in the uniform of a nursing sister in the Canadian Army Medical Corps. Her two brothers were both officers in the 85th Battalion (Nova Scotia Highlanders). Percival Anderson, the eldest sibling, is standing on the right. On the left is James Archibald (Archie) Anderson. 

The photo is believed to have been taken in England in the early fall of 1917. At the time, Blanche was stationed in England and Archie was taking courses in England to receive his commission as an officer. Percival had been convalescing from trench fever at the port city of Dieppe, France. Upon his discharge from the convalescent home, he was granted a ten day leave of absence starting on September 25, 1917. It was at this time he probably went to England where he managed to meet up with his siblings and they arranged for a portrait photo. It was the last time all three would be together. Percival was killed approximately a month after the photo was taken.   

In the photo, the horizontal stripes and crown on Percival's sleeve indicate that he holds the rank of major. The vertcal stripe on his sleeve indicates that he had been wounded. Note that Archie is wearing an officer's uniform but is missing his 85th Battalion officer's cap and collar badges. He has not yet been commissioned as an officer.

Photographer:  Unknown
Ref. Number:  0-4 (8-1-6.2)
Image Information:  Scan of original photo
Source:  Robert MacLellan Collection

Anderson Siblings

Circa 1917-1918

This is a beautiful studio portrait photo of Minerva Blanche Anderson with her brother James Archibald (Archie). It was probably taken while they were both still overseas. Blanche is a nursing sister in the Canadian Army Medical Corps. Archie is an officer in the 85th Battalion (Nova Scotia Highlanders. Both are dressed in their military uniforms.

Photographer:  Unknown
Ref. Number:  17-2 (1-6.4)
Image Information:  Scan of original photo
Source:  Jim MacDonald/Caitlin Hanam

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